Monday, May 30, 2011

OMCC Presentation coming soon

Only one day left for the presentation, the latex Beamer software helped me for the first time to produce a PDF for the presentation. It is quite uncommon but very interesting to use LaTeX for a presentation. The result seems quite professional and only a few will tell it is LaTeX.

Today I will do one last rehearsal to prepare the presentation. It will take place in the room called Donald Knuth which is nice due to the contribution of Knuth to the LR parsing in 1965.

The last week I have been working only in the presentation and I did some reading again of the literature in order to have fresh all the concepts of compilers in case tricky questions come up by the opponent.

After a remarkable progress with the grammar with about 92% of the test suite working, OMCC is getting ready to be incorporated into the OMC compiler for OpenModelica.

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