Friday, February 25, 2011

Lexer prototype working

The first challenge of my thesis project is to understand how to program in MetaModelica language. In order to get some understanding I practiced by making the first Lexer Prototype using some samples of automata's machines from the compilers book.

This approach only gave me confidence on how to write code for MetaModelica, the next part was to use the Flex Lexer generator to generate the C code for one of the exercises of the MetaModelica book. This code help me to create the first Lexer that is able to understand the Flex tables and run a machine that generates the tokens required by the parser.

Now the next challenge is to mimic the same behavior with BISON, which is a parser generator, but much more complex that FLEX.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modelica Conference

It was good Conference to get some understanding on how big and stable is this project called OpenModelica (

I got to listen to several expositors including my thesis examiner Peter and my supervisor Martin.

A nice workshop given by one of the creators of the compiler for Modelica Adrian Pop was also interesting to get some hands of this.

It is a good starting point to make this project to start with the coding.