Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thesis presented!!

After a successful presentation today, now it remains only the correction of a few mistakes in the report and wait for the approval of the examiner for the final version of the report.

Next week I will have a meeting with my examiner to define the final modifications for submitting the final version of this report.

The project is almost done!

Monday, May 30, 2011

OMCC Presentation coming soon

Only one day left for the presentation, the latex Beamer software helped me for the first time to produce a PDF for the presentation. It is quite uncommon but very interesting to use LaTeX for a presentation. The result seems quite professional and only a few will tell it is LaTeX.

Today I will do one last rehearsal to prepare the presentation. It will take place in the room called Donald Knuth which is nice due to the contribution of Knuth to the LR parsing in 1965.

The last week I have been working only in the presentation and I did some reading again of the literature in order to have fresh all the concepts of compilers in case tricky questions come up by the opponent.

After a remarkable progress with the grammar with about 92% of the test suite working, OMCC is getting ready to be incorporated into the OMC compiler for OpenModelica.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final optimizations

I have increase the performance of my parser by simplifying the lexer and the parser. After I took out the recursion lexing and parsing one token at the time was easier.

My examiner wants me to implement an external C function to improve the speed of the lexer but the lexer is not my concern now. The time that the parser takes is considerable long, compared to the lexer.

More test will be performed over this weekend at the same time I keep growing the grammar which now only fails in 98 out of 568 cases in the grammar.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Presentation for the thesis scheduled

The time has come to present my thesis.

I have 2 weeks to prepare a good presentation and make good use of the software I produced.

However some improvements are required for the lexer to improve the performance.

The time for the presentation will be the 31st May 2011 15.15

Now is time to prepare an awesome presentation!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Draft 1 released and grammar for Modelica+MetaModelica

The implementation of the grammar for Modelica+MetaModelica is almost done. Only a large subset will be implemented. However it is large enough to parse my own OMCC as showed in the last post.

The corrections from the draft 1 and some additions regarding the development of the grammar and some fixed and additions were introduced in draft 2.

Thesis status: Implementation 99.9% (as usual with software projects never end).
Report draft2 sent.

Hopefully the presentation defense will be schedule soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My parser can parse itself

Finally after several months of hard work, I have archive the OMCC parser generator for MetaModelica and Modelica grammar. It is still a subset but it is working pretty fine.

The grammar for modelica file is about 700 lines of code. The files generated even more. In the last test it took around 6 seconds to parse all the file. This is quite big but it was running in debug mode. It means that some other optimizations should be made before the end of the thesis.

A new version of the draft will be released soon. So I hope I can post here the day of the presentation very soon when I talk with my examiner.

this was the last result of the test


Total time:6.113409437

Friday, May 6, 2011

draft 1 delivered

I just finished the first draft of the thesis, now it is under my supervisors review. However, the testing set for a subset of the Modelica grammmar wont be enough for the examiner, so I am currently working on extending the grammar for the parser while waiting for comments over the draft 1.