Thursday, June 9, 2011

OMCCp Thesis status: Published

This work is done!

I have to thank a lot of people for this, but I need another post for that. Now finally the thesis is been submitted and published.

The final URL is

This ends this Blog and the story of how I made my thesis.

As common as fairy tales, my examiner wanted me to work part time for him, in order to finish some further work related with my thesis. So this story ends with me sitting in the same place as I produce the most of my thesis but now as an employee.

This is then my stone to this field of science called Computer Science:

“People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on each other, like a wall of mini stones.” Donald Knuth

author = {Lopez-Rojas Edgar Alonso},
institution = {Linköping University, PELAB - Programming Environment Laboratory},
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